Meet Chantelle Perry

Between raising three energetic sons, settling into a new province, pursuing an MBA, and focusing on her career—Chantelle tends to keep busy. “When you have three young boys, it’s no longer about you, I’m not sure what me is anymore,” claims Chantelle. Nevertheless, she manages to juggle the demands of parenthood while trying her best to carve out time for her own professional and personal endeavors. It’s a constant balancing act, for sure.

Family in a time of COVID

As hectic as family life is, Chantelle saw the silver lining as the pandemic moved into the new year. “I feel blessed that I have a family to be with and in some ways, it’s been lovely to have the pace of life slow down and to feel more present. But it’s certainly not lonely or boring.” Chantelle tries to organize outdoor activities whenever possible to tire the kids out. “Anything to keep them running and chasing each other without actually breaking things or, say, causing a flood in the bathroom.” These things tend to happen with a troupe of young boys.

Hold the meat and potatoes

When she has time, Chantelle loves to cook. “I’m partial to French cuisine, but really anything that’s like a party for the taste buds—not your basic meat and potatoes.” Asked to think of a special meal she likes to cook for guests, she conjures up a Middle Eastern entrée. “Maybe a yogurt-covered, marinated chicken and saffron rice with apricots, raisins and almonds, and lots of vegetables. I’d leave the wine pairing to my husband.”

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Photography, film and fiction

“I love photography,” says Chantelle, “which for me, means capturing people in the moment.” She’s been meaning to treat herself to a new camera, but that hasn’t happened yet. “There’s an artist somewhere in me that I haven’t tapped yet, and I really like the way my photos remind me of the moment and the feeling I had when I took the picture.”

When it comes to watching movies, she favours documentaries. “I like things that have a psychological feature to them or make you think and change your reality.” When it comes to reading, she leans towards adventure, but it can take all forms—fiction or nonfiction, as long as it’s meaningful and relevant. “I also tend to have many books on the go at once,” she explains. “I’m used to juggling all aspects of my life.” She names Untamed, Sapiens, and Birds of all Feathers as part of her current reading list.

You could be dancing

If there’s one skill Chantelle would love to master—but maybe hasn’t yet—it would be dancing. “Dancing gets me fired up and gets me in my element,” she declares. “I don’t even care if it’s Irish dancing, ballroom or hip hop.” For Chantelle, it’s not about being the centre of attention. “I’m becoming more playful, even as I’m getting older.”

And then Farber came calling

Chantelle wasn’t really looking for work when Farber came calling. “I had actually decided to park it for a bit,” she recalls. She had recently moved the family to the GTA and finished her MBA while taking care of her three small boys. Then the teachers’ strike started. Then COVID hit. “I didn’t know if there was room for me to work, but this amazing opportunity came up and here I am. It’s true that I have less time with the kids now,” she admits, “but my life is in better balance.”

So far, she’s been impressed by how inclusive and sincere the culture is at Farber. “And I love the way Farber has adjusted to all the uncertainty—showing a true willingness to embrace change while looking out for all employees.”

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