Meet Chandini Ramesh

Chandini sitting on a mountain

Chandini, an IT professional at Farber, likes to consider herself an avid traveller. When asked about her favourite destinations, she replies, “anywhere with mountains.” She prefers road trips, like a recent family vacation through New England, where she witnessed the mesmerizing fall colours. Another drive took her through eight national parks in the US Midwest—including stops at the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone. “It was amazing—like another planet!”

On the more adventurous side, Chandini did a backpacking trip in Iceland a couple of years ago and wound up snorkelling between the tectonic plates where Eurasia meets North America. “The water was clear, which meant you could see bottom, but it was freezing cold. We had dry suits on, but our hands and face were still exposed.”

Chandini’s travels have also taken her through much of India, as well as Germany, France, and the US—including Alaska. “I’m not much of a beach person,” she admits, “but my daughter is, so we try to do one trip for her and one for us.” Their upcoming trip to the Dominican Republic will be a check mark in her daughter’s column.

Novels and Netflix

“Reading is something I really enjoy,” she says. One of her favourite authors is Jodi Picoult, whose bestsellers build interesting characters around some of life’s more controversial issues. My Sister’s Keeper and The Pact are two that Chandini relished. On the lighter side, she confesses to binge-watching on occasion, with favourites that include Friends, Big Bang Theory, Gilmore Girls and Grey’s Anatomy. She’s currently taking in the second season of You on Netflix.

f mark multiple colours


“I’m also a big foodie,” says Chandini. I’m of Indian origin and the cuisine has a rich background and lots of variety.” She also likes to explore Ethiopian, Japanese, Chinese and Mediterranean food. “If I had more time, I’d go to culinary school,” she claims. “I bake mainly cakes now but there’s so much more I’d like to do—like pastry, and I’d especially love to learn the decorating side of it all.”

And put it all together in a blog!

Of course, there’s no better way to weave together exploring and eating than in your own blog. “I like to blog on travel, hotels and food,” Chandini explains. “When I started travelling, there was a lot of information that I just couldn’t find online—like how would my family be accommodated and what was there for my young daughter to do?“ So she started sharing her own experiences with friends and family and her blog grew from there. “I have people asking for advice on how to plan their trips, which gets me writing and posting photos of places I’ve visited.”

The people side of IT

Chandini has been consulting in IT for three years now. “My education was in IT but my early career was in human resources,” she explains. When she moved to Canada, she took a job in HR but was able to transition to IT within the same firm and has never looked back. For the past three years, Chandini has worked as a consultant, which allows her flexibility to travel between projects. For Farber, she has completed implementations in both the consumer and corporate practices over the past year. “It’s allowed me to interact a lot with employees to gather their feedback, so there’s a real people side to my job.” She enjoys the freedom and openness of her work at Farber. “I don’t like being micromanaged, and here I have independence and responsibility, but I also get to learn a lot from the people I work with.”

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