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Caroline Ross Faces of Farber

Caroline has a real love for art, in particular impressionist painters like Monet. Growing up in England, she found her schools paid special attention to creative expression and her interest in art has stuck with her since. “If I had time,” she muses, “I would make an effort to paint more. It’s very therapeutic.”

For Caroline, art doesn’t have to be on canvas—it also includes music, if it has a strong melody and baseline. That could be classical, jazz, soul or other modern musical genres. “I especially enjoy the blending of genres.” She discovered classical music when her teacher decided to clear out his old LPs and offered them up to his students. “I couldn’t believe the acoustic sound when I took home a Tchaikovsky LP to play on my parents’ old record player.”

Orangetheory, anyone?
Apparently, music isn’t just for listening. It’s also a big motivator for workouts. Caroline is a fan of spin classes, where music sets the tempo. Working out is a great way to destress and when time permits, hitting the gym is always a place where time is easily lost. Caroline is open to new work out programs and discovered Orangetheory fitness, which sounds like pretty high intensity stuff. “It involves a lot of short spurts, which make a 45-minute workout feel like a two-hour fitness class when you are done,” she says. “And with the display monitors it lets you compare your fitness splat points to others in the class, which can make it a healthy motivator to keep striving for better results.”

Coming to Canada
Caroline describes herself as having two homes—Canada and Britain. While she’s been in Canada for 18 years now, she grew up in Colchester, outside London, which claims to be Britain’s oldest town. It also features Colchester Castle which, for history buffs, was built at the behest of William the Conqueror and sits on the foundations of the Roman temple of Claudius (AD 54).

Her strong connection to family back in Britain has meant periodic trips across the pond. “Family is centre for me, as we’re very close.” Fortunately, she sees Canada as having a lot of British influences, including food. Understandably, there is no cuisine that quite compares with fish and chips, “it must be done right. It’s got to be haddock—not cod—and the batter has to preserve the flavour—and you can’t forget the mushy peas with a good cup of tea to seal the deal!“

Caroline has also enjoyed her share of travelling and has visited surrounding Europeans countries such as France and Spain. With a curious mind and interest in the world around her, travelling overseas with her family was an exciting and rewarding chapter.

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Success is Being Content
For Caroline, life’s goal is contentment. That’s not tranquility or serenity. Being content is “having the confidence to know that, despite all the disruptions in life, we can navigate through the highs and lows and wind up on our feet.” Her brand of contentment also requires living in the present. “Time goes by too fast to look at life any other way.”

A Natural HR Person
“I’m a people watcher,” Caroline admits. “I’m fascinated and intrigued by people’s habits and interests—their back story and how it all began. But I really love personal interaction with people and building relationships.” When engaging with people you must manage delicate and sensitive matters, and using sound and fair judgement is critical for creating an amicable and positive outcome. And that’s what makes HR the perfect vocation for her.

“When you work in HR, you must be prepared for almost anything and you’re in a position of trust and integrity is key.” She sees Farber embodying this key principle, and in her words “that is staying true and doing the right things for others, without wavering. The firm demonstrates real integrity, we may be a business, but we have genuine concern for the way we treat our clients and our own people.” She refers to an “infused family style” that forms the foundation of Farber’s culture. And strong foundations are the secret to a long life—for companies and castles.

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