Meet Amie Coffey

Amie sitting on a longue chair reading

“I love cooking”, says Amie. “It’s what I do to unwind.” In addition to preparing dinners for herself and her husband, she makes a lot of batch meals on weekends to stash away. She has a roster of go-to recipes, but also likes mixing things up and trying new dishes from around the world. “This weekend I made big batches of homemade egg rolls and wontons and I froze them for later,” she adds.

She’s also had some success with soups lately, expanding her range to more vegan and vegetarian options. “I get my ideas from everywhere,” Amie explains. That includes perusing recipe books, of which the magazine Better Homes and Gardens has become a favourite. “Of course, I never completely follow the recipes provided,” she confesses. “I’ll always modify with ingredients I like better.”

Raising Cain

“I love spending time with my dog, Kane,” Amie says. Kane is a miniature pinscher, “he looks like a Doberman but is smaller,” as Amie describes him. “He’s my co-worker who doesn’t actually work. Fortunately, he is used to my voice when I’m on calls, so he sits or sleeps a lot while I work.” Kane isn’t always content as a silent partner, though. He’s muscular and energetic with a lot of character. “We’ll go for lots of walks in the park, but he also likes to run around in the backyard where he can bark and say hello to the neighbours.”

Reading and Rec

Amie’s not a huge fan of TV, especially sitcoms and reality TV. But she describes herself as a big reader. “It’s not all for fun, though,” she says. “I’m reading about change management right now, so that’s taking me away from reading for fun.” For enjoyment, she’ll read quite widely – from biographies to Harry Potter.

On the athletic front, Amie likes the flexibility and control she gets from Pilates and walking, but she also shows her competitive side with a badminton racket in her hand. “I played badminton in high school but gave it up. Now I compete with my husband, we both think we’re the better player.”

Constant change at Farber

Amie joined the firm during in early 2021. “Sometimes I feel like the pandemic has been one long day.” What she misses most is the ability to walk around the office and interact with others informally. Fortunately, she’s been able to connect with many co-workers virtually. “Time has certainly flown since I joined,” she adds. “It was a bit overwhelming at first, but everyone has been open and sharing. I feel like I hit the ground running.”

She sees the Farber culture as family focused. “People are more than just team members here.” She’s also impressed by the degree of change that is going on in the firm. “There is constant evolution in the way we do things and support staff.” To Amie, that has exciting implications as Farber’s resident leadership and development professional.

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