Meet Ali Seena Shakeri

Ali standing in front of a Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy poster

Ali describes himself as a huge superhero fan. That applies to all media, including comic books – both Marvel and DC – the many TV series, and Hollywood blockbusters. “I like to read the comic books as they come out,” he claims, “but it’s tough to keep up with them all.” He really loves digging into the classic editions whenever he has time. “Of course, with things going digital these days, there are fewer good comic book shops around, though there are some great ones in big cities like New York.”

Asked if he’s more of a Marvel or DC follower, Ali finds they both have their strengths. “As far as live action goes, Marvel has crushed it, but DC is making a big come back.” He’s currently reading the Daredevil comic series by Marvel as well as Nightwing by DC Comics. “And DCeased is giving Marvel Zombies a run for its money, too,” he adds. On the film side, he praises the Shazam! film as a great flick and he’s a big fan of the Daredevil TV series, which he considers a genuine masterpiece.

Cars – real and virtual

“I also love playing racing video games,” says Ali. Forza Horizon is his go-to game, usually on a PC platform. “And I’m getting into Doom,” he adds. In the real world, Ali enjoys hitting the road on his own four wheels, having recently bought a 2007 Honda Civic with a manual transmission. So, what’s Ali’s dream car? “Well, that changes a lot,” he says, “but I’ve always liked the original Audi R8.” He also has a soft spot for the Lamborghini Murcielago and the McLaren 720S, though he considers them just a touch out of his price range. Join the club!

f mark multiple colours

Tinkering in tech

Technology is a big interest for Ali, at both work and play. By day, he’s an IT professional with Farber, but tech has also captured his imagination as a hobby. “I like to tinker around with my server for virtualization and I’ve also got Windows 11 data set-up on two of my devices, though it took a lot of steps to get it running.” He favours Linux when it comes to working on command lines and developing. “I build my own PCs,” claims Ali, “and right now I’m running my media server off my computer.” Of course, he also has a high refresh monitor for gaming.

Plans, post-pandemic

Ali says he hasn’t had much of a chance to travel, with the pandemic and all, but feels a sense of freedom and mobility with his new wheels. “I visited Montreal recently and have been to New York as well. Hopefully, there’s more to come.” He might be on to something because there’s nothing better than scenic road trip!

He also has plans to pick up his fitness routine once things settle down somewhat. Before the pandemic, he would get to the gym. Now Ali has a a bit of a home gym, including a heavy punching bag for releasing energy. “I enjoy boxing and look forward to taking some lessons when things finally open up again.”

Ali is one of the newest Farberites, and he’s eager to get back to the office so he can meet and interact with the full team in person. “My coworkers are great,” says Ali. “They have a lot of similar interests and the same passion for tech. I really enjoy our morning meetings—not only do we discuss work-related matters, but also my personal wellbeing. There’s a genuine focus on the individual.” As we’ve all come to realize these past few months, our IT professionals are the real superheroes; enabling the firm to excel and progress seamlessly, without a missing a beat!

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