Meet Alexander Badan

Alexander in a sunflower field on a bright and sunny day

When Alexander describes his athletic endeavours, it sounds as though he never stops moving. There’s running, cycling, hiking and soccer. However, nothing quite compares with conquering a new mountain on his snowboard.

Jumps, turns and spins

A passion for the mountains has taken Alexander and his snowboard to several countries, such as Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Russia, Finland, Switzerland, Belgium, and France. “I’ve always tried to visit new places,” he says. “I wouldn’t call myself an expert, but I can handle just about any slope and manage some jumps and 180-turns.” He figures he has 10 mountains under his belt, but he has fond memories of a trip to the Alps near Leysin, Switzerland. “There was a new track to try every day and it was impossible to cover every slope in a week.”

It’s all about the outdoors

Physical activities mean being outside. “I do a lot of running,” says Alexander. “My distance is 10 to 15 kilometres now, and I’d like to do a marathon—possibly for a charitable cause. My wife likes cycling, though, so we try to do both to keep everybody happy,” he explains. Then there are the weekend hikes they do together, usually to take in a different park in the area. “But Sundays are for soccer,” he says. “I played a lot when I was younger and then found a great group to play with about two years ago.”

What’s happening in the world?

Podcasts and books feed Alexander’s interest in international affairs and global economics. “I like to follow what’s happening in the world, it’s great because I can listen while I’m running or skiing.” The same themes are on his book list—including titles, Why Nations Fail, Guns, Germs, and Steel, and The Black Swan.

Man of many homes

“I’m lucky to have lived in several countries through my life so far,” he reflects. “I was born in the USSR during the collapse, and have lived in Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and Bulgaria. That background often means that I have something in common with people I meet.” His goal is to visit more countries when the pandemic passes, with Switzerland and France at the top of the list. Asked if there’s one place he thinks is a must see, Alexander doesn’t hesitate. “Everybody should see Finland, particularly Lapland. It’s like a fairy tale with snow, deer, beautiful scenery, and colourful northern lights.”

Data driven

If there’s one skill Alexander would love to master, it would be in the field of IT and data. “The world is so data driven now,” he concludes. “Most everything we do seems to be tracked, revealing habits and trends. When I’m finished my CPA, I could see myself concentrating more in the area of IT, Big Data, and Modern Economics.”

Life at Farber

Alexander describes Farber as warm and personal, despite the fact that most of his interactions have been virtual to date. Since joining the firm in the Fall of 2020, he’s gotten involved in internal clubs that have made things fun and interactive with others around Farber. “I like the openness of people I’ve met, and everyone seems ready to help one another. It’s all about communication, and that’s been great!” Although he won’t be conquering new mountains anytime soon, he hopes to get a firm grasp on Farber’s history and culture in the meantime.

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