Meet Adam Silver

Adam Silver FOF

Adam rarely gets into the habit of dancing around a client issue—if there’s a way to improve your operations, he’ll be the first to let you know. As the Managing Director and leader of the Performance Improvement practice, this happens often. However, Adam does have an itch for performances of another kind.

Dance, Dance, Dance
He won’t show off his talents around the office, but Adam is a bit of an expert jive dancer. In fact, he taught jive in university. “My parents both danced, so I came by it honestly. When I got to university, I took a ballroom dance class.” His favourite became the jive. “Unfortunately, I don’t do it much anymore,” says Adam, “It’s more of a wedding trick now.” There is still a dance connection to his charity work, though—he chairs a non-profit that helps build resilience so youth can better face challenges, using hip hop as an art form in the process. “Hip hop has been a great way to speak to youth, giving them important lessons about mental health.”

Social Cycle
These days, his favourite sport is cycling. “During the season I can be on my bike for 12 or more hours a week. My longest trip was 175 km that started in Niagara Falls and we rode back to Toronto.” He finds it can also be an excellent group sport. “With running, it’s hard for people to run together if they have a different pace, but with cycling, it’s easy to adjust the speed up or down.” He finds that’s especially the case with the peloton since a weaker rider “can draft behind someone and be pulled along. And we all go faster together, having a lot of fun along the way.”

Book Listener
Adam considers himself a voracious reader, but technically he’s more of a listener. “My reading now is almost all audio. I can be walking or shopping or on the subway and still be in the middle of a good read.” Nonfiction and fiction are both on the menu. Nonfiction is often politics or behavioural economics. “Or I may realize a need to learn something about the history of China and dive into a book about that, ” he shares. In the fiction genre, he looks for that element of empathy that comes with a good story, adding another dimension to the book, “I also love to read science fiction, since at its best, you learn something about science and it provides an interesting commentary on our own society.”

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Planes, Trains, and Portages
Travel is inspirational for Adam. International destinations have included Costa Rica, India, and much of Europe, with Turkey and South Africa high on his to-see list.  But another love of travel includes hiking and camping. “The provincial parks are great,” says Adam, “but I’d like to take it up a notch and hike or canoe in the Canadian north or maybe a really long hike in the Appalachians.” His love of nature leads him to recommend “a sunrise over a lake” for a therapeutic dose of stillness and serenity that everyone should experience.

Enjoying the Journey
For Adam, success has as much to do with the journey as the end goal. “It’s about growth for people – both me and my clients. Monetary success will only come if you’ve done those things right.” Adam’s been with Farber for five years and helped start the Performance Improvement practice. “I like it because I’m with people I want to be with on the journey. Farber is like family—we support each other through the ups and the downs.”

As for Farber’s 40-year milestone? “It’s a chance to say we’ve arrived and that we are here to stay,” he claims. “Essentially, we want to be partners to other businesses and help them find success through their professional lives.”

And that’s no jive.

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