November 2016

Dave Stevens speaks on Innovation Conflict

November 1, 2016 1:00 pm - 02:00 pm


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Are You Facing Innovation Conflict?

Circle & Square proudly introduces Dave Stevens, our colleague from Circle & Square South Africa, who works with organizations to empower individuals to truly inspire innovation.

  • What is Innovation Conflict?
  • How to know if your organization is suffering through an unconscious bias to innovation?
  • What needs to happen for innovation to thrive?
  • How do you free people to think differently, with more confidence?

Dave Stevens, Executive Trainer and Coach

With experience ranging from psychology to project management and journalism, Dave is our resident wunderkind at Circle & Square South Africa. Dave is a creative entrepreneur who works passionately in the realm of endearing relationships to maximize human potential and consciousness. He has been an executive trainer and coach with Circle & Square in Johannesburg for over a decade.

His exciting, humorous, and energetic style of delivery not only encourages people to apply new knowledge and insights in their work and personal lives, but also re-energizes and captivates them. Dave has a strong track record of engaging personally to facilitate and encourage professional and personal behaviour change―a rare skill warmly received. Dave has a deep passion for singing, song writing, music and storytelling, which he often integrates into his speaking engagements.


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