Farber’s Boomerang Club

Former team members return to Farber because of our unique culture

Over the years, we have had employees that decide to return to Farber after gaining valuable experience elsewhere. We welcome them back with open arms, as they share the values and attributes that make up our organization and culture: an entrepreneurial spirit, commitment, family values, trust, integrity, team spirit, respect, hard work, and making time for fun. 
Our ‘Boomerang Club’ acknowledges this phenomenon, and the statements from Club members attest to the vibrancy of our culture and the reasons they’ve returned:

Quote from Alan Farber

Great learning opportunities

“It’s an excellent learning environment here. Larger organizations tend to have more segregated roles in technology, but here I can see and learn everything. I am thrilled that Farber gave me an opportunity again. The culture and environment at Farber is amazing. I’m loving working here again.”

Rajesh Kharakia, Service Desk Analyst, Information Technology

Entrepreneurial spirit

“One of the reasons I rejoined the Firm is that it has very strong and unique combination of professionalism and entrepreneurial focus. Beyond this though, there is a real sense of family…a sense of belonging and caring, and genuine concern.”

Glynis Bass, Trustee in Bankruptcy, Greater Toronto Area

Opportunity for growth

“A work environment, and especially the people you work with every day, cannot be underestimated. Returning to Farber was the right decision.

Since I returned to Farber, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to build an Asian practice that spans across three provinces in Canada. I am very grateful and honoured to achieve this success as a Farber Partner.”

Jane Woo, Partner, Insolvency & Restructuring Asian Practice