About Farber

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Cross-functional expertise

Cross-functional expertise

Farber is an independent business advisory firm that provides a wide range of strategic, financial and operating solutions for businesses of all sizes—including large enterprises, mid-sized companies and small private businesses. We work with organizational leaders in collaboration with their advisors, lenders and other professionals, to offer seamless support in four key areas: restructuring, financial, human capital and consulting.

Across Canada and beyond

Across Canada and beyond

Since 1979, Farber has grown to more than 70 locations across Canada and over 250 employees. This diverse national footprint, combined with our membership in international alliances BTG Global Advisory and IIC Partners, allows us to provide the international reach, local expertise and personalized approach our clients need to succeed in today’s global economy.

The Farber Difference

At Farber, we believe complex business challenges have multiple causes and require more than simple solutions. In our experience, it often takes a holistic approach to achieving exceptional results.

That’s why collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. Our cross-functional team works seamlessly to assess your business from all angles, obtain a clear view of the big picture and devise a customized solution that helps you achieve your business goals—both today and into the future.

Above anything else, our goal is to provide pragmatic solutions with a level of service that far exceeds the standard—and instead, sets the standard for industry excellence.


Making business work better, together.TM

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Values and Culture

Farber’s distinct culture is built on a unique type of synergy—one that evolved from the relationship of the firm’s founding partners Alan Farber and Gary Lifman. On any given day, each member of our team is working toward one common goal—the success of our clients—and we’ll go to great lengths to help one another succeed in this endeavour.

This collaborative focus is so strong it’s almost tangible. Our clients frequently ask how such a large group of people—from different backgrounds, functions and geographic locations—can work so seamlessly together. Finding stellar people and business partners is undoubtedly part of the secret—but it stems deeper than that.

We aspire to make a positive enduring impact on our clients, our people and the communities where we live and work. Learn more about our commitment to community and social impact


Each of our team members truly stands behind our organization’s ten core values—beliefs we refer to as ‘Farberizms’. This list of values guides our interactions with our colleagues, business partners and clients—and ensures each and every one of us conducts business in an ethical and client-focused manner at all times.


There is always a solution. Thorough research and creative thinking can resolve any challenge.


Trust is our currency. Without our clients’ trust, we have no business.


Doing the right thing is always right. We opt for the moral high ground—even when no one is watching.


No one has all the answers. We’re not above asking for help—even if it means referring a client elsewhere.


What is right is more important than who is right. Ego shouldn’t get in the way of great ideas.


There is no they, we are the they. United we stand. Our team doesn’t point fingers or pass the buck.


Clients’ success is the primary metric. If it’s not good for the client, it’s not good for our business.


Integrity and wealth creation are not mutually exclusive. We can act in the best interests of our clients and generate profit at the same time.


Partnership is more than just a legal construct. It’s also an interdependent relationship.


Putting our skin in the game changes the game. We’re always searching for innovative ways to align our needs with our clients’ needs.

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